By Tyler Vahldick

This guide to the Missouri All-State Band trombone audition is meant for both students and parents. I will walk you through each required étude and every aspect of your technical, musical and mental preparation, and I'll provide insight into what to expect on the day of the audition and in the weeks leading up to it. I take with great pride that I went through the Missouri All-State Band audition process all four years of high school, and I've found that the personal gains I made in the process have continued to benefit me throughout my career. I hope the same will be true for you!



My former student Tyler Vahldick has created a great resource for any high school trombonist in Missouri who aspires to become an All-State player. These excellently played recordings by this extraordinary musician are great models for any young player, and helpful suggestions are provided to aid in preparation for the All-State audition this fall. Listen and learn, and let Tyler help you become a member of one of Missouri's fantastic All-State ensembles!

- Roger Oyster, Principal Trombone, Kansas City Symphony and Trombone Instructor, University of Central Missouri

Spread the word! This is a terrific resource for high school trombonists. Tyler Vahldick has filled a need that has existed for a long time. The recordings of the audition pieces are first-rate. It’s good to not only hear them played perfectly, but also to see how a professional trombonist uses his trombone. The practice guidance that he writes is outstanding.

I will tell every high school trombonist and band director I know that this is THE resource for trombonists who are auditioning for the Missouri All-State ensembles.

- Tim Myers, Principal Trombone, St. Louis Symphony

This set of recordings is a tremendous resource for area band directors and students. Tyler lays out some very helpful tips on how to approach the individual etudes and the audition process as a whole. Getting started early with a proper concept of the end goal is crucial in making the all-state ensemble and Tyler serves it up on a silver platter. I highly recommend this valuable resource!  

- Eric Matzat, President, Palen Music Center, Inc. (and Tyler's high school band director)